Monday, April 27, 2009

I got to come back online, hooray! I HAVE HOMEWORK ALREADY. What is this? Twenty chapters of Genesis by Friday. Not too bad, but I just got done with this. And thus it begins.

Soooooooooo I went to an orientation meeting earlier today, and it was pretty cool. I learned so much about the Jerusalem Center and about life for the next few months. The first thing I saw, to my surprise, was my name next to the catagory "Hosting Committee" on an informational handout. 'I wonder what that means,' I innocently wondered. Then the meeting started, and we were told that the Center would have a few guests for the first few weeks of school.
The last of the dignitaries will be Governor Huntsman of Utah, and that will be exciting, but not nearly as much as the others, because he is niether armed nor the leader of approximately one billion people worldwide.
Apparently the Catholic Church has a center next to BYU's. It just so happens that there will be a Papal visit to said center in about two weeks, and he will bring along several Cardinals-- five of which will be staying at the BYU Jerusalem Center. I get to show the holy men where the bathroom is. Isn't that exciting.
Along with the Pope goes security, and and in this case, additional security is assigned by the government to assist the Pope and his entourage (sp?). The entire Israeli security team will also be staying in the Center with the Cardinals. So I get to show guys with uzis where the bathroom is too. Isn't that exciting.
In case I haven't been clear, I am SOOOO EXCITED for this trip. We are going to visit Sinai, Gethsemane, lots of Galilee, the valley of the kings, the pyramids, Petra, the Dead Sea, the Garden Tomb, and tons of other places, not to mention that I live on the Mount of Olives. Whew. It's too much for my poor heart to handle :)
Sorry I won't be able to post any pictures. It's sad, but the Center is not capable of that much cybertraffic. Alas, I will post them en masse when I get back. Take care :D


  1. I am WAY excited for you Matt! You must take great pictures and share them with the crowd...what an awesome life-changing experience ahead of you! :) JOY.

  2. Matt, you make everything sound so amazing and hilarious at the same time, haha! Have fun over there and take lots of pictures for us!


  3. wow, the Pope! and Cardinals that's super exciting!!!!

    Have fun and be safe.

    Rebecca Faith Barrett

  4. Holy cow! Sounds like you're already having an AMAZING time! Glad to hear it. And glad that you can keep those of us stuck in the good ol' US updated :)

    have fun, and learn lots!!

    ~Michelle Symmons