Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back from Egypt!

My goodness, what a trip. Unfortunately I do not have time to go into depth about each of the tombs, temples, and ruins we visited or all of the modes of transportation we used and all of the illnessess and craziness that happened, but I hope I will soon. What an intense trip.

We spent one night on the Sinai peninsula on the way down, then into Cairo, then Luxor, back to Cairo, back to Sinai (this time the mountain), and then back here.

One thing I must mention: I fee like a new man. This trip has given me a new perspective on life in the real world, outside my posh existence. My opportunities are endless and odds are if you are reading this, so are yours. Most are not so fortunate, and it really isn't their fault, the opportunities simply do not exist for them. One small example of what I mean is that there seems to be no municipal trash collecting in Cairo, or perhaps there is for the few who can afford it. This means that there is trash everywhere, in burning heaps or moldering heaps, floating down the canals and the Nile, right next to children playing in the water and a farmer washing his produce (which we were not allowed to eat, of course, no water from the tap, no fresh fruits or vegetables, nothing that hadn't been cooked, and nothing that looked iffy, meaning we had bread, meat, and rice for eight days. Mm-mm :D Almost all of us got sick anyways, and I still am).

And life is amazing, I am so happy to be back in Jerusalem in my own bed. It's funny that coming back from Egypt was coming home. Jerusalem is home now. I love it. Have a great day, and I will try to find time to tell you about Egypt and answer all of the questions I've recieved; alas I have a seven page paper (single spaced, a warm welcome to Palestinian essays) I have to do today.


  1. Good luck with your homework and everything Matt. I'm so glad you're having fun and learning so much. I miss you! :) <3

  2. Goodness gracious! You sure are getting around the area aren't you!? That is so exciting! Thank you for keeping us updated with all you're seeing. Good luck with all you have to do!